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Witch Way Magazine 2022 Witch Today - Vol 2 - Printed


Using a high-grade commercial printer all issues are high-quality with crisp images, and thick paper. Perfectly bound this is a beautiful piece to keep around.

- Printed copy of the Witch Way Magazine 2022 Witch Today Vol 2

- 8x11in size
- 40 pages
- High quality printing
- Thick pages
- Diverse group of contributors

  • Swimming Meditations to Relax
  • What to do if you miss a Spell Ingredient
  • The Donas de Fuera
  • Modern Perception of Witchcraft
  • The Witch of Endor
  • Fire-Jumping and the Ever-Changing Romani
  • Idunn's Apple Cider
  • Why do Witches Love Fall?
  • Haven: A Witch Community
  • Filipino Witches, Aswangs, and Other Magical Beliefs
  • The Haunting History of the New Orleans Second Line
  • Witchcraft and the Woodvilles
  • Raising Children in Complex Religious Circumstances
  • Tarot's Major Arcana for Self-Care