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Witch Way Magazine 2020 Divination Guide - Vol 5 - Printed


This 40 page printed Divination Guide features, card reading spreads, rituals, and more so your Divination Guide will help you explore new techniques, Featuring the best divination articles from our 2019/2020 issues. 

Using a high-grade commercial printer all issues are high-quality with crisp images, and thick paper. Perfectly bound this is a beautiful piece to keep around.

- Printed copy of the Witch Way Magazine 2020 Divination Guide

- 8x11in size
- 40 pages
- High quality printing
- Thick pages
- Diverse group of contributors
Preparing for Divination
How to Use Runes
Self Love Spread
New Orleans Spread
Introducing Divination to Children
Emotional Intelligence Spread
Tools for Spirit Contact
Divination Ritual
Litha Spread
Journal Spread
Cowrie Shell Divination
Healing Spread
Connecting with the Fae Spread
Mabon Spread
Throwing the Bones
Unlock Yourself Spread
Spells with Tarot
Back Cover: Pendulum Board