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Witch Way Magazine 2018 Divination Guide - Vol 3 - Printed


This 40 page printed Divination Guide features , divination, fortune-telling, and more so your Divination Guide will help you explore spells and techniques, Featuring the best divination techniques from our 2017/2018 issues. 

Using a high-grade commercial printer all issues are high-quality with crisp images, and thick paper. Perfectly bound this is a beautiful piece to keep around.

- Printed copy of the Witch Way Magazine 2018 Divination Guide

- 8x11in size
- 40 pages
- High quality printing
- Thick pages
- Diverse group of contributors
-Hydromancy: Divination by Water
-Water Tarot Spread
-Solar Eclipse Spread
-Daily Tarot Exercises
-Tarot vs Lenormand
-Haunted House Spread
-Thanksgiving Spread
-Communicating through Pyromancy
-Simple Stone Divination
-Holiday Tree Spread
-New Year Success Spread
-Graphology: Handwriting Analysis for Beginners
-Divination with Dice
-Elemental Tarot Spread
-Full Moon Magic Spread
-Divination Study for Covens
-The Pendulum Ritual
-Make Your Own Pendulum
-Tea-Leaf Fortune Cards
*Features Witch Way Pendulum Board on the back