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September 2016 Vol #16 - Witch Way Magazine - DIGITAL




This 98 page Digital Pagan Magazine features curated articles about Pagan culture, craft, and daily life. Your September 2016 issue will help you explore traditions and techniques from a spirited new perspective, enabling you to grow and expand your knowledge base.

With 25-30 helpful articles per issue this is available in single page and spread format that will be easy to read on your tablet, phone or desktop! Sit back and relax with a cup of coffee as you enjoy, learn, discover, and inspire new passions within your craft!


- PDF of the September 2016 issue (spread format for easy desktop reading.)
- PDF of the September 2016 issue (single page format ideal for tablet and mobile reading)


- 8x10in size PDF
- 98 pages
- 25-30 Pagan Articles
- Spread and Spread format available
- Diverse group of contributors
- Articles on Pagan daily life, techniques, and craft from different perspectives.


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-Monthly Pagan Comic: Friends Who Aren't Witches
-September Monthly Affirmation
-Triple Goddess Full Moon Meditation
-Triple Goddess Mini-Ritual
-The Wicked Garden - Fiction Book Review
-Where the Light and Shadow's Meet: A look at the benefits of Shadow Magic
-Without the Village: How society has turned more isolated
-Spiritual Activism: An interview with Lasara Firefox Allen
-A Feast for Mabon: Recipes for Mabon by a classically trained chef.
-Respect your Elders: Respect for the wisdom of the crone
-A.U. Chapter 4
-The Dime Store Witch: Looking for spiritual items in non-spiritual places
-Satchet spell for good fortune
-Palmistry Plain and Simple: Non-Fiction Book Review
-Into the Depths with Persephone
-Invoking Cerridwen
-Rosemary: The Perfect Herb
-The Spirit Teacher: Embracing our connections with wise spirits
-Quiz: Which Character from Charmed are you?
-Crystal of the Month: Malachite
-Discovering Anthomancy: Divination by plants.
-Solitary and Green Magick for Mabon
-Small Shop Support - Isola Herbals
-10 Magickal Subscriptions for Witchy Women
-Ask The Witches: Everyday Witchcraft
-For the Love of the Charmed Ones Part 2: Charmed's Legacy
-Learn a new Tarot Spread for September!


Spells and rituals are for entertainment purposes only, Witch Way does not guarantee the outcome of any spell-work obtained from our magazines. This magazine is recommended for ages 18 and older. Editor is an ordained reverend.