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Glam Witch - SIGNED-


Lilith has been feared, worshipped, analyzed, and dissected by many, yet she remains an enigma cloaked in a riddle of witchcraft. Today, she has found a place of elevation as a quintessential goddess in an array of occult practices, revered for her fierce independence, carnal appetite, and thirst for equality. THE GLAM WITCH plants the practice of modern witchcraft in Lilith's garden of glittery fruit. Laid out over a sparkling assemblage of chapters, a modern mystic will explore the theory, practice, and lifestyle of the Great Lilithian Arcane Mysteries (GLAM).
  • Learn Lilith's story and how to apply her archetype to a magical path.
  • Open your third eye to intuition with signs and synchronicity.
  • Discover Lilith's astrological significance to help navigate the shadow self.
  • Witch-craft a glamour poppet for attraction and beauty.
  • Embrace your sexuality to harness power through orgasm.
  • Neutralize negativity with the application of bitchcraft.
Loaded with spells and rituals to cultivate confidence, sizzle with sensuality, and stand up to adversity, THE GLAM WITCH is a guide to spiritual empowerment and establishing unapologetic authenticity through magical means.