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August 2016 Vol #15 Witch Way Magazine - DIGITAL - The 90s Issue




This 92 page Digital Pagan Magazine features curated articles about Pagan culture, craft, and daily life. Your September 2016 issue will help you explore traditions and techniques from a spirited new perspective, enabling you to grow and expand your knowledge base.

With 25-30 helpful articles per issue this is available in single page and spread format that will be easy to read on your tablet, phone or desktop! Sit back and relax with a cup of coffee as you enjoy, learn, discover, and inspire new passions within your craft!


- PDF of the August 2016 issue (spread format for easy desktop reading.)
- PDF of the August 2016 issue (single page format ideal for tablet and mobile reading)


- 8x10in size PDF
- 92 pages
- 25-30 Pagan Articles
- Spread and Spread format available
- Diverse group of contributors
- Articles on Pagan daily life, techniques, and craft from different perspectives.


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This issue will be the 90's issue! Take a nostalgic trip back to when you rooted for Cole to change his ways, you obsessed over the fashion from The Craft, and The Owens women were family goals. A very exciting issue with it's own soundtrack! - This is a more fun/silly issue not to be taken too seriously. We all enjoy a little fun now and then.

*Fit Witch - Certified Trainer and Witch gives us a few fun exercises to try!
*Divine Divination - To Ouija, or not to Ouija? A look at the differing opinions on Ouija boards.
*AU - Olivie Blakes writes the 3rd installment of this riveting series.
*Sabbats and Esbbats - Lammas/Lughnassah is the subject of this months ritual.
*Non-Fic Book Club - We take a look at the controversal 90s "To Ride a Silver Broomstick"
*Bewitched Movie Night - Kiki takes a look at the first 3 seasons of the 90s hit "Charmed" - The myth, the magic, the cringe, and the lessons.
*The Occult influence on 90s Fashion
*Belladonna- We learn the lore on this very dangerous herb.
*Crystal of the Month - This month we take a look at Chrysocolla
*Spelling - Let's take a quick look at Sigil Magic and how it works.
*Paganism Today - The occult's influence on 90s music.
*Cooking Magic - A feast for Lammas! Recipes included by Chef and Witch Andrea!
*Small Shop Support - Modern Witchy Woman readings
*Quiz - Which girl from the 90s "The Craft" are you?
*To Love a Witch - Where are the witch loving men of the 90s now?
*Learn a Spread - Kiki shares with us a Charmed and Buffy themed tarot spreads!
*August Tarot Forecast!
*Does it Really Work? Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board
*Spell of the Month - My personal spell on spirit protecting an item.
*Advice Column - "So we're new witches.... where do we start?" You asked, we answered!
*Affirmations - We share a very 90s affirmation!
*Mirthful Mother - What wisdom does a 90s mom have? Phones and boredom are big aspects to this mom's strategy.
*God/dess of the Month - Hecate!
*Pagan Comic - So is this witch stuff difficult?
*Herbal Feature - A very Aunt Jet inspired feature and 4 important herbs.
*Superstitions in the US.
*Top 10 Witchy Songs of the 90s!


Spells and rituals are for entertainment purposes only, Witch Way does not guarantee the outcome of any spell-work obtained from our magazines. This magazine is recommended for ages 18 and older. Editor is an ordained reverend.