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October 2022 Vol #89 - Witch Way Magazine - Issue - Digital Issue




This 70 page Digital Witch Magazine features curated articles about witch culture, craft, and daily life so your October 2022  issue will help you explore traditions and techniques from a spirited new perspective, enabling you to grow and expand your knowledge base. 

With 25-30 helpful articles per issue this is available in single page and spread format that will be easy to read on your tablet, phone or desktop! Sit back and relax with a cup of coffee as you enjoy, learn, discover, and inspire new passions within your craft!


- PDF of the October 2022 issue (spread format for easy desktop reading.)
- PDF of the October 2022  issue (single page format ideal for tablet and mobile reading)


- 8x10in size PDF
60 pages
- 25-30 Witch Articles
- Spread and Spread format available
- Diverse group of contributors 
- Articles on witch daily life, techniques, and craft from different perspectives.

Editor's Note
  • October Affirmation
  • Scrying
  • Psychic Ability Amplifying Charm
  • Herb of the Month: Cardamom
  • Graveyard Etiquette
  • Candle Wax Divination
  • True Blood: A review
  • Crystal of the Month: Green Tourmaline
  • Self-Care for Your Sun Sign
  • Witches in Hollywood
  • That Time I Exorcized a House
  • Death and Time During Samhain
  • Returning The Familiar: Fiction
  • Good Health Pumpkin Bread
  • Necromancy in Medieval Times
  • Connection of Life Depicted in Celebrations of Death
  • Raising Little Witchlings: Discussing Death
  • Shapeshifting Magic
  • Lessons From the Dead On Healing and Grief
  • Monthly Astrology Reading

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                  IMPORTANT INFO

                  Spells and rituals are for entertainment purposes only, Witch Way does not guarantee the outcome of any spell-work obtained from our magazines. This magazine is recommended for ages 18 and older. Editor is an ordained reverend.